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We are Neon Gaming. A community focused on gaming, teamwork and making friends on the internet. We are working to unite gamers who are focused on creating a positive and friendly environment. We put teamwork above all else, so if you think you are a team player – this is the community for you.

Neon was founded back in 2010 when a group of friends decided to make a new World of Warcraft guild on the EU Karazhan server. Since then we have slowly grown while mainly focusing on raiding on World of Warcraft. Our community has become very vast, so much so that we have started arranging meetups around Europe during the summers. While transcending WoW we also encourage our members to stay in touch and play other games together.

The Neon gaming community is open for anyone and everyone to join. So if joining a group of pretty cool people in order to play games together sound good to you, feel free to join our Discord server and speak more with our officers at http://discord.neon.gg.

If you appreciate what we do, you can choose to support us here on Patreon to help cover our annual cost like website and domain hosting, server leases, maintenance of common hardware, future event expenses, etc. Also helps us reach our future Patreon goals.

NOTE! All income from Patreon supporters will be used to cover annual costs. If there is anything left after these costs have been covered it will be used in giveaways to our supporters. Neon Gaming is a non profit gaming community.

A Neon Gamer loves to play games. Preferably together with others.
A Neon Gamer wants to have fun when playing online games.
A Neon Gamer wishes that those they play with also have fun.
A Neon Gamer is not overbearing, not negative, not prejudiced and no better than everyone else.
A Neon Gamer always cares about his/her fellow players and alone contributes to a positive environment.

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